Return policy

You may always return the unworn product within 14 days after you received it. You can do this by sending an e-mail to After you received a confirmation from us you have to send the product within 14 days. After we received the product back, you get a voucher worth the purchase price of the returned product. The costs for the return shipment will be for your account. During the period that you consider whether or not you would like to keep the product, the package and product need to be handled with care. You may only unpack the product and use it to the extent that is necessary to determine whether you want to keep the product. Please note: Custom made jewelry (such as rings), sale items and 14 carat solid gold jewelry cannot be returned. A ring that unexpectedly doesn’t fit, can be remade. In that case you can send an e-mail with the request to We will send you more information about the procedure and costs then. We reserve the right to refuse unreasonable repairs and returns.

We are not able to accept returns from the United States at this time due to specific US import regulations. Please note we are also not able to issue any refunds on the original duties & taxes paid by the receiver on behalf of your order. These fees are remitted to the destination country at the time of order placement.